A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Sonic Time Speed

The Sequel To Sonic The Hedgehog CD

It Take Place Between Sonic CD And SegaSonic The Hedgehog Arcade

Date: January 1st 2020


Arrow Keys To Move

Spacebar To Jump


After the Event Of Sonic The Hedgehog CD, Where Sonic Free Little Planet And Save Amy Rose From Metal Sonic.

Little Planet Fly Off To The Sky And Sonic Run Go Off To South Island, To Go On More Adventure Of The Trip!

Two Year Later!

Dr.Robotnik Rebuild Metal Sonic From The Damage What Sonic Do To Him During The Event Of Sonic CD Where Sonic Destroy His Machine Part.

Metal Sonic Rebirth To Take Down Sonic And Target To Amy Rose From The Face Of His Laser From His Laser Vision.

A Day Later!

Sonic Was Ready To Take A Place In South Island To Go Back To Little Planet To Find Out What Was Going Up In That Planet.

When Going To Little Planet, Sonic Going To Find The Mystery Of The Time Stone Until Amy Rose Arrived And Catch Him! Sonic Was Being Busy To Solve Out The Mystery Of Time Stone That Was Located In Little Planet. Until Metal Sonic Fly Out Of The Sky And Catch Amy Rose, Put Sonic In A Dead End.

Now That Sonic Need To Free Amy Rose, Travel Back In Time To Stop Metal Sonic Terrible Mess In Little Planet And Complete The Victory To Change Little Planet Back To Normal.


Sonic Time Speed

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