A downloadable Knuckles for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Knuckles In Seaside World  Is Finally Here!


                                                                 Knuckles In Seaside World

The Sequel To Knuckles In High World

Date:August 31st 2019


After Knuckles Destroyed Alex Kidd,He Goes Back Home To Rest Until Dr.Robotnik Arrived On Angel Island And Bring Chaos Was Him. It Up To Knuckles Stop Dr.Robotnik And Chaos Destroyed Angel Island


Player 1 Mode Control

Arrow Keys To Move

Spacebar To Jump

Player 2 Mode Control

Player 1-Knuckles / Arrow Keys

Left Arrow To Move Knuckles To The Left

Right Arrow To Move Knuckles To The Right

Up Arrow To Make Knuckles To Jump

Player 2-Sonic / WASD Keys

A Keys To Move Sonic To The Left

D Keys To Move Sonic To The Right 

W Keys To Make Sonic Jump


Knuckles In Seaside World

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